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Super-Stretch Knitted Fabric Cover

BONCA Super-Stretch Knitted Fabric Cover is more soft,

gentle and stretchable as compared to the ordinary

mattress cover. 


Foam Edge Protective System

With the Foam Edge Protective System, you can now enjoy a wider

mattress space with your partner, also assuring a longer life span

for your mattress.


Environmentally Friendly Power Elastic Latex

Sleeping safe and sound with our Environmentally Friendly Power

Elastic Latex.


It is hypoallergenic in nature and equipped with millions of breathable

pin-holes for powerful level of elasticity.


Long-lasting support with DURAfoam

All our mattresses are blended with DURAfoam on top and bottom

of the spring system, to prolong the duration of comfort spinal support.


Anti-Allergen Treated Fabric Cover

Our Super-Stretch Knitted Fabric Cover is also treated with

Anti-Allergen function, to ensures you a safe and healthy

sleeping environment.


Anti-Bacteria Treated Fabric Cover

At the same time, our Fabric Cover is also treated with

Anti-Bacteria function to enhances our level of protection

for your perfect sleep at night.

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